My beauty routine: 7 minute glow up

For most of my life, being efficient in the morning and with my get ready beauty and skin care routine has always been a challenge that I have tried to achieve. I am not an early bird. I have clear memories of hating the idea of the weekend coming to an end and questioning why we have to be up at a particular time in the day?

Fast forward to the present day, not much has changed but I have a toddler who determines this time daily, even with my best efforts to encourage the best sleeping conditions.

With that in mind, my already stretched daily routine is now even shorter, and maximising the time I do have is essential.

With 6 skin care and beauty products I manage to go from drab to fab.

Here is how I have managed to get ready in 7 minutes:

  • Great beauty products and a diligent skin care routine make for the perfect foundation in my skin. I will drop in another post on my specific face care routine.
  • Microbladed eyebrows have been a godsend for me. They keep my face perfectly framed and a worthwhile investment in making this possible and even keeping me looking half decent for those makeup-free days.
  • Concealer with colour correcting and one that requires no setting is my go-to to cover my sleep deprived dark circles and brighten up my eyes.
  • Cream blush on my cheeks and a swipe across my lids.
  • A nice coat of mascara on my lashes.
  • A nude matte lipstick; I sometimes switch it up with a swipe of gloss if my lips need the extra pop.
  • Lastly, a skin coloured powder in my t-zone as I have oily-combination skin.