The ZOS Creative co work as strategic, business and innovative business consultants. This means that, when you hire us, we work based on the agreed scope of work within your business and focus on strategic matters for measurable, sustainable and exceptional outcomes.

How does some hire you?

Ready to talk? We would love to hear more about your project and pain points, together we can achieve extra ordinary outcomes. Contact us here

How are you paid?

We are paid on invoice as agreed within the scope of work. Would you like to discuss your pain point? Contact us here

What sort of events do you participate / speak in/at?

From conferences, guest lectures, seminars to in house company workshops. Zeze lends her inspirational talks and knowledge to a variety of audiences. With incredible stories and experiences to share, Zeze motivates, inspires and engages audience on a range of topics. To Book me, Contact us here

Are you only a luxury brand consultant?

Our expertise at ZOS creative co, spans across industries and disciplines. We have an in-depth working knowledge of luxury goods from fashion to luxury and lifestyle industries. This means we offer brand, strategic and innovation consulting services. Our keen understanding of the luxury value chain ensures that we tailor each project to match your exact needs that will continue to serve your business into the future.

We assist with:

  • Go to market strategies that work with you to leverage your brand and business core strengths
  • Improving your brand through assessment, repositioning, bench marking and product portfolio optimisation
  • Assisting you with rethinking how your business runs
  • Supply Chain revamps and improving operational efficiency
  • Due diligence to assist with corporate mergers and acquisitions as well as post-merger integration assistance.
  • Delivering the right message to your customers
  • Building the skills of your team

Our aim is to support you and we look forward to assisting ambitious leaders achieve their goals. (Contact us)

What sort of work do you do as an innovations consultant?

Our goal on innovation consulting projects is to help teams and businesses identify new opportunities, develop ideas and create new products. Making use of design, consumer insight, marketing and strategy we support you and your team by bringing innovation strategies to life and delivering innovation within your business with certainty.

Through a hands-on delivery approach and expert implementation. We make use of proven methodologies, tools and soft skills turning ideas into profitable and dependable growth.

What countries or cities are you willing to travel to?

We work with businesses across the globe.

What is the process of your consulting and taking on new clients / work?

Each project begins with you contacting us, sharing your goals and pain points. Our focus is to deliver you and your business with measurable returns that will allow you to gain competitive advantage. Ensuring that we apply our expertise to every aspect of the project to help you thrive.

From our initial consultation we will analyse your needs with our innovation audit, a thorough analysis and diagnosis of the effectiveness of your current business capabilities and then decide which of our programs would best suit your project.

What do you do as a luxury brand consultant?

From cost transformations to marketing. We help you develop strategies for your business that will serve you today and, in the future, while making use of all resources including digital resources, your team, our team and their broad expertise.

Why would my brand need a luxury consultant?

Would you like to define the future of your business? Are you hoping to achieve extraordinary results with your business and gain competitive advantage, but you are unsure how to? Would you like to stay ahead in a rapidly changing marketplace?

We will help you make critical choices in order to help you, your team and business through challenges and help you move forward towards your future vision while building growth engines and helping your brand/business reach its full potential.

We offer a wide range of proprietary tools that will support you beyond the scope of the project.

Collaborating with you to achieve exceptional results is our goal.