Luxury, Brand Strategy and Innovation Consulting

The ZOS Creative Co focuses on providing advisory and beauty brand consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the beauty, cosmetics and luxury goods sector.

Our mission as business consultants and delivering luxury brands consulting, is to help nurture your brand and or business idea in order to achieve strong and sustainable value. Simply put, we support your development goals.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Overall Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Creative Direction
  • Beauty Brand Consulting
  • Luxury Brands Consulting

beauty brand consulting

Brand Consulting

We build brands. We help you make good quality strategic decisions to improve performance with a clear and practical direction for real business results.  We have a passion for excellence and will offer no less. Look no further than our beauty brand consulting.

Strategic Consulting

We help create and implement your long term vision and strategy. We help you develop your new brand from concept to launch. We assist with planning and executing market entry strategies. Our approach is always to offer you a safe pair of extra hands when you need beauty brand consulting or luxury brands consulting.

luxury brands consulting

Our Services

  • New Product Development
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Brand and Product Innovation
  • Design and Branding
  • International Expansion
  • Commercial Due Dilligence
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Market and Trend Analysis
  • Marketing and Commercial Strategies
  • Strategic Workshops
  • Beauty Brand Consulting
  • Luxury Brands Consulting

beauty brand consulting

Why work with us

We are uniquely positioned to deliver results. 

With Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao at the helm, you get in depth working and practical knowledge of the world’s most competitive beauty markets. While benefiting from global market knowledge and a network of beauty and luxury industry contacts from creatives to manufacturers.

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and for many, we become an integral part of their business. We will help you articulate your ideas with a thought through, highly participative and proactive approach with our Beauty Brand Consulting.

We help ensure that your thoughts and hopes for your brand turn into practical and effective action plans that deliver real business results for you – from launch plans to market growth, to building share, improving margins, increasing efficiency and more. 

Brand Value

Successfully helping you build a brand to stand out from the crowd is important to us when we do our Luxury Brands Consulting. It is an invaluable asset of any luxury brand.

What to expect with our beauty brand consulting

“What happens when you are able to communicate in community with your target market, provide the best solutions in your product with engaging content, visuals, honest relationships with a life time customer? “

We know how to make this happen

How we work with you

Because no business is the same, we work at your pace and offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our core focus is assisting you at the most important stages of your business. 

Creative Foundations

For existing businesses looking for a refresh. We offer a complete audit of your current creative communication. A new creative strategy and its implementation. 

Shape Up

For new and existing businesses. Our shape up programme is designed to quickly refocus your brands activities and prepare your business for growth and new roads ahead.

Lift Off

For new markets, new ideas and businesses looking for innovation. Lift Off is our personalised mentoring programme. With our luxury brands consulting, we are able to be with you every step of the way as an extension of your team in order to prepare your business for launch and multiple markets.

Innovation Consulting

Looking for innovative ideas to solve a problem or enhance your product or service offering?

We focus on creating best in class businesses by delving into your brand strategy, design, product, communication and content. To unveil the untapped potential needed to drive your business. We build a solid foundation with innovation at the heart.

How do we do this?

We apply entrepreneurial thinking to every project and look for the opportunities to enable your business to have a scalable global outlook but with an entrepreneurial engine.

We work on a specific consulting basis to help tackle your specific business or brand pain point. We would love to hear from you, contact us for more information if you require Luxury Brands Consulting.