Confidence with Dior Forever Foundation

As a young girl I remember being introduced to the concept of ‘confidence‘. Especially, “Head tall, stand up straight”. It was repeated so often, I am unsure if it was a movie or my mothers voice. 

As the years have gone by and life experiences have started to pile up. Embracing confidence at different times in my life is something I have started to do intentionally.

Without a doubt, while making new friends, starting a new job, moving countries, being a mother, walking into a room and having to give a guest lecture or talk, developing a new idea or pushing myself creatively. 

Each time, I chant in my head over and over “Confidence Zeze, head tall, stand up straight, You’ve got this”. 

Importantly, the dictionary definition of confidence is

“the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something”. 

Not only do I think confidence, self esteem and courage have always gone hand in hand. Unquestionably, I have always thought of confidence as my ability to trust my judgement, stand up for what I believe, being comfortable in myself, imperfections and all and asserting myself. 


Firstly, this has always been a pain point. How are you able to always naturally make eye contact, not fidget, shoulders back and lean in when you speak?. While we are taught confident behaviours, they require some practice in order for some of them to come to us naturally. 

Watching my toddler, often I wonder when in time, we loose what seems to come so naturally to her. 

Often, confident behaviours extend beyond your positive projections and body language but also to things like: 

  • Admitting your mistakes and learning from them
  • Accepting compliments graciously 
  • Doing what you believe is right
  • Being open to learning and failing at things
  • Being willing to take risks

I started Zezeonline in order to be able to create an honest place for all the things I have learnt over time and to share these learnings with whomever might be interested.

Dior recently sent me a package with their Dior Forever foundationIconic Lip Glow balm and New capture total super potent serum with a simple ask, how do you love your love your skin without compromise? 

In the past, I have had adult acne as a result of a shift in hormones and found that it affected my confidence. Especially as an entrepreneur, especially one in the beauty industry. 


Dior forever foundation, Dior lip glow, Dior capture totals serum and Dior make up bag flatlay #diorforever

Simply put, a made up face sometimes makes the difference to how I am feeling or even how I tackle the day.

Dare I say it, that cute selfie or a genuine complement about how you beautiful you look especially in the last few months with limited social outings really has a way of making a day. 

I have used the Dior forever foundation in the past. Without a doubt, it is one of the few foundations I can honestly say I have finished and one that I quite like for a no make-up make up look. 

It has 24 hour wear, is sweat and humidity proof, Medium coverage. Despite it being lightly fragranced (with a fragrance that I don’t mind), it is long wearing with SPF35.  I opted for the Matte formula for oil control because of my combination skin. I usually am a 6N. In this occasion I chose 7N (My shade when I am tanned). Especially as ski season is approaching, a tan is on the cards for the future and it will be perfect for my ski trip. 

It is formulated with 86% skincare to make skin smoother. Finally, the remaining percentage contributing to providing pigmentation to suit skin tone.

There is something about when you decide to start caring for your skin. The results mean that you start focusing more on what you put on it and as try as you might comprising isn’t an option. 

With busy days caring for a toddler, to Instagram lives, podcast recordings or a shoot for Malée. My choice of foundation is important.

woman applying Dior capture total super potent serum

I have used the original serum in the past. The new  capture totale super potent serum is made with 91% natural origin ingredients. It is a great for under your makeup while containing some skin loving active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to hydrate and tackle imperfections from blemishes and acne.

The Lip glow is one of my trusted go to’s for all round lip hydration. It has a slight tint you don’t even need a lip colour.

A simple everyday, natural, glowing look that I can keep going to with 5 mins or 30 mins to spare. 

Checkout at Dior.com with the code DIORFOREVERUK with any Dior make-up or skincare purchases till Nov 3oth 2020 and you will get the chic pink Dior bag with each purchase.


Most importantly, I feel confidence is a practice. A practice that at time needs tools that help you form confident habits. One of those tools for me is a simple, everyday natural glowing look. A look that can navigate with me as I navigate my sometimes challenging days. 

Have you tried any of these Dior products before? I would love to hear your thoughts.