Home decor: 5 tips for a seasonal update

As the seasons change, I love changing up things at home to give it a fresh update to my home decor. It is a nice way of getting the house looking recently done without too much of a fuss and cost.

I am a lover of soft furnishings, and these are usually my go-tos when I get interior decoration fatigue.

My top 5 inexpensive things to do at home are:

  • Doing a clear out.
  • Restyling your bookcase, moving books and accessories around. Don’t be afraid to try placing your items at unconventional locations (books, scented candles, figurines). There are no rules.
  • Changing cushion covers.
  • Swapping out your summer TV lounge blanket for a thicker blanket with a darker colour way. A heated faux fur blanket is my go-to for colder months.
  • Change the scent of your space with a scented candle.Try one with a bold design that compliments your interior, as it can double up as a recyclable object.

I hope these tips and ideas are useful for your seasonal update! Let me know if you apply them to your home decor.