How to start a podcast

how to start a podcast monster and dynamic headphones Apple Pencil and third culture africans podcast

How to start a podcast? As a means of generating additional income? Personal growth? Or growing an existing business?.

While digital media is evolving, podcasts or audio on demand is one of the fastest growing mediums. 

According to backtracks, In the UK alone, it is estimated that 6.5 million adults use a podcast every week. 

Consequently, I started Third Culture Africans the podcast for a number of reasons:

  • Audio content is convenient: As a consumer of podcasts and their convenience, audio content is portable, accessible and convenient.
  • Use your voice: There is a favourite quote of mine that I love, “Be a grown up, if you have something to say, just it”. As a result, I reached a point in my life and career that sharing my voice and lending a platform to those who have a voice is something I felt compelled to do. So I had something to say and podcasting was my way of saying it.
  • Networking: Also, networking is a powerful tool, and I love meeting new people and through the show I have made some new contacts that I feel I will have for life, some have become close friends and a collective that I feel we can work together in the future.
  • Low Cost: Finally, it doesn’t cost much to get started. Like most new ventures, especially ones that I have started. My approach is always lean with the largest investment in up skilling and building a valuable resource network. Most importantly, because I don’t have a lot of money, I also believe that with any new venture making a yard last a mile is less risky. Notably, how much bang can we get for our buck?. While the chances of success are slim based on new business success statistics, each new venture comes with a risk of it not working. Consequently, I proceed knowing that I should be comfortable with loosing the time and money invested. On the other hand, the upside is always that each experience brings with it a chance to learn something new and grow. Win or loose.

While Malée is backing the show, Malée is a young and growing business that has well below the market average in a marketing budget. 

As a result, this means that until we are able to entice larger sponsors setting up and producing the show is being done on a tight budget. 

Podcast equipment

Firstly, as a tech geek and lover of all things gadget and tech. Briefly, £300, a domain from Bluehost , time and a website is all I needed to get started. 

For everything else, Here is a breakdown of our podcast set up:

woman sitting at desk how to start a podcast master and dynamic headphone and yeti microphone
  • Laptop (running Adobe Audition CC) – I use a MacBook and have a subscription to Adobe CC. This means we do not need to have a audio mixer and makes our studio portable. Cost per month £49.94 per month
  • Blue Yeti Microphones – This plug and play microphone with incredible sound does the job and is incredibly light weight and travel friendly. £99.99 per microphone.
  • Master and Dynamic Headphones – I have had these headphones for a few years and they have never failed me since, they look great and are now repurposed as the shows headphones for me and for our guests. £450 per headphone (My personal headphones)
  • Notes pad or an Ipad – I use the app noteshelf for my notes, as I still like the idea of writing in my own handwriting, also capturing key points during the interviews without the scribbling sounds effects of pen on paper. Cost £0 the app is free.
  • Broadcast boom arms – A cost effective buy from Amazon. I hope over time we can purchase something that feels a little sturdier,
  • LibsynOur choice of podcast host. They do all the work with publishing to all the streaming services and offer great support. Cost £18 per month
  • Zencastr – With Covid, all our recordings are done remotely via the internet and their basic plan is free.

On the whole, all of this brought our setup and total cost of starting the podcast excluding the planning, production, editing and the man hours; ;earning a new skill and laying the ground work to a friendly total of £297.94.

A budget friendly podcast setup all under £300.

When is the best time to start a podcast?

Besides, there being no time like the present, like most things practice makes perfect. Podcasts are great tools for entrepreneurs. Especially, they are of great benefit if you have something to say.


All in all, before you start your podcast, download and subscribe to a few podcasts if you aren’t already. It is a great way to research and learn from those who are successful. 

Especially if you are passionate about or have an expertise in a particular topic, consider hosting your own podcast around your topic of interest.

Namely, interview based podcasts are also great as you can invite other experts to share their advice on your show. Whichever you decide, I have found podcasting fun. 

Last but not least, do find me on Instagram and drop me a DM — I’d love to hear from you and learn how everything’s going on your end!