Beauty Brands With Purpose – How I built Malée Natural Science

Contrary to most beauty brands with purpose, how did you build your beauty brand Malée Natural Science?. This is a question that I often get and most times I find the answer being a simple, I just did. 

Often anti-climactic a response, that is all I did and simply do daily. I wake up every day, tackling the little things. As a result, I ended building a building brand a decade later that has been featured in CNN, The Telegraph, Huffington Post and retailed in Harvey Nichols . Along with hospitality partners like Singita Game Reserves to name a few.

Nonetheless, the headlines of very popular beauty brands and their IPO’s are putting the spotlight on the industry. In addition, mostly dubbed as being saturated and with a high barrier to entry, meanwhile, there are still an estimated 360 new beauty brands created every year.

So why would anyone want to create a beaty brand today?.

With resources like Formula Botanica offering courses and an opportunity to build beauty brands with purpose from your kitchen. The once impossible to penetrate beauty industry is becoming widely accessible. Thanks to a sharing of knowledge, innovation and technology. 

You can listen to my podcast interview with Formula Botanica when you Click HERE . I share a few tips on the mindset of a skincare entrepreneur. 

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