RHS Wisely

Mother and Child at RHS Wisely

Owing to our move to Surrey last year, discovering and enjoying gems like RHS Wisely has been a huge bonus. 

As a matter of fact, dare I admit it, this city girl is adjusting to life in the English countryside. 

While this year has been far from desirable with the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought. Uniquely, it has forced me to spend more time outdoors. Most importantly searching for safe and alternative activities to enjoy with my toddler a.k.a Chairlady. 

RHS Wisely is one of the great gardens of the world and deservingly so. To point out that some areas of the garden are breath-taking, wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Notably, RHS Wisely is a world-class garden near Woking in Surrey and is only a short drive out of London

Woman walking the gardens at RHS wisely

Armed with an all year-round garden, it is a great family fun day out. There is something for everybody. Including exploring the garden, an outdoor play area, shopping, food and drink and a library to name a few. 

For one thing, with most activities needing to be pre-booked and the English weather being unpredictable, planning is important. While the tickets aren’t free they have an offer running currently that means that with a ticket bought for 2 adults and a child you have paid for an annual membership that goes towards discounting if you sign up on the day of your visit.

Another key point especially as the season has turned, sundown is now at 4pm making the late afternoon and evening slots highly sought after because of their illuminated walks. 

Notably, the glow garden experience where they transform the garden with festive lights that make it truly magical. You can learn more about their wander trail, spectrum of light and eye popping installations here.

Like a true Surrey resident my Hunter WelliesBarbour Jacket and cosy layers are slowly becoming all I wear most days. The Chanel baker boy hat, an ode to my city girl days. 

A few important things you would need to know before planning your trip to RHS Wisely:

  • Food and Drink : You will need to book for dinner. The Terrace restaurant has a special two or three course glow dinner menu. Importantly, booking in advance is essential. Book here.
  • On the go? The honest sausage van, food and drinks vans are great for picking up a warm drink. Perfect for wandering the garden.
  • The garden shop and garden centre are well stocked and make for great shopping destinations for gifts.
  • While tickets might be sold out to some events, they occasionally add tickets due to cancellation so keep checking.
  • So while you are planning your next visit, why not sign up to their newsletter to learn all things green fingered and know when the next events to the garden open. 
  • In light of the colder front dressing appropriately is essential. 
  • Its important to note that you are outdoors 99% of time so dressing appropriately is essential. 


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All in all, RHS Wisely is a lovely day out for the whole family. While we didn’t get to see the whole garden on our first trip out , we hope to enjoy it often throughout the year . 

Have you been to visit RHS Wisely? What did you enjoy the most?